Sorry I haven't been around y'all, feel like I haven't come up for air for a while

I might come say hi but I don’t think I have time to play soccer’s midterms right now 😩😩😩 I miss everyone though

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Hiiiiii my name is Nawal. Im 30 yo nonbinary trans person 🌼 i moved here from Toronto last year and slowly falling in love with Victoria. When Im not working as a nurse at RJH, I love listening to music, painting with watercolour and cooking. Thanks @sixsous for the add! I am looking to build community with queer and trans folks 💛

hey palsssss I just came out to my whole cohort at school as trans!!!!!! and it wasn't a disaster woooooooooo

Do you guys use a mobile app for Mastodon? And if so which is a good one?

can y'all share your fave slow jams of all time?

It's been a while, hope everyone's doing well so far in 2021!

y'all should add yr boy here cause Idk who anyone is!

an experiment in afrofuturist cyberspace