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Hey I put up ep number 2 for sub.modernexits. I want to share it with you all

"In “Hustle”, two dancers represent the duality present within any struggle to transcend internal limitations - until differing elements of the self are reconciled and act in unison."

shout out @appekey for turning me on to Sons of Kemet a few yrs ago

Check out this project tho 📢 📢 📢
find it on all the streemings

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Yo I’m planning a lil promo video about one of the songs on my album but like ~visually~ I’d love it to be a goodbye to the things I like about Victoria type video so I can reminisce after I leaaave. It’ll be v casual but here’s an open offer if anyone wants to guest appear before I start calling y’all personally 🙃

Seeeelection! This one goes out to everyone renting from someone they'd rather not have to interact with 💥

Special dedication to each and every one going thru landlord drama 📢

Put this one on repeat 🔂

@fuzzypeaches NEW ALBUM IS OUT featuring @MusauMulenda , @elevatedmarsupial & @Mooky

posting YT link because idk what music services ppl use, but go find it on all the mainstream things (spotify, apple etc.)

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graphs and numbers about internet accessibility, equity, power concentration, safety etc 

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